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Cheeky Cloth

SECONDS/FLAWED Cheeky Cloth One Size Reusable Swim Diapers

SECONDS/FLAWED Cheeky Cloth One Size Reusable Swim Diapers

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Flawed Swim Diapers! 

My new manufacturer hit some speed bumps when learning to sew my product. Since I sewed these for years I am very picky and have high standards when it comes to mistakes. 

Every swim diaper has some sort of flaw. NONE of these flaws affect the fit or the function of these diapers. They will work exactly like the "firsts" quality that I sell for full price. The stitches just don't look perfect. 

lots of them might have loose strings or cut strings or doubled over or looped stitches  just to give you an idea of the issues! 

Because of these flaws, all sales are final. All flawed swim diapers come with a mark on the tag. Please message me using the Shopify chat box if you have any questions. You can send an email but I won't respond as quickly! 

Fit & Sizing

Works amazingly on small thighs, big bellies, big thighs, and small bellies (and everyone in between). 

One sized. Fits 8-40+ lbs or birth through potty training.

No pinching or squeezing or uncomfortable lines.


It lets water and pee flow out but keeps the poo in (just like disposable swim diapers)!

Buy two so you have a backup in case of a poo.

Also functions as a swimsuit bottom with or without a rash guard on top! 

Public swimming pool approved. 


Many carry around a wet bag or a ziploc bag in case of a poo diaper (hence the recommendation for buying two). 

Dispose of poo in a toilet. 

Throw in the washing machine. You may dry or hang dry, your choice. Any detergent is fine. If you start to get stains try a hot wash! 


High Quality Eco-PUL. Waterproof, yet breathable. Eco-PUL is baby safe: free from lead, phthalates, latex, and BPA. Vegan.

Athletic Wicking material: The softest, lightest material next to the baby's bum. 

Kam Snaps: High Quality world-renonwned snap company and non-profit. Also Lead free.

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Everything comes from our home in Washington State, United States.

Please contact me if you have any questions! As a small shop, I care about my customers and want to make sure you're happy.

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