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Custom Bundle of 10 Cheeky Trainers!
Custom Bundle of 10 Cheeky Trainers!
Custom Bundle of 10 Cheeky Trainers!
Custom Bundle of 10 Cheeky Trainers!
Custom Bundle of 10 Cheeky Trainers!

Custom Bundle of 10 Cheeky Trainers!

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This Listing is for a CUSTOM listing of 10 TRAINERS: 

Long story short, you get to buy 10 trainers, pick the colors and the size! 

I made this listing because I get reached out to A LOT in between trainer stockings by people who want to potty train now. This gives me the ability to make you the most happy and also get exactly the prints that you want! 

You will checkout in the size of trainers that you would like. 

I will contact you via email within 1 business day and we will start discussing the colors/prints/characters that you would like. There is no guarantee on certain characters due to licensing. I will confirm your choices with you and get the final okay before I begin sewing them. 

This is a completely custom listing. I have a TON of fabric and the ability to get more locally as well so I'm sure we can come up with a great bundle for your little one to get started on potty training so they are motivated! 

Typically it will take me about a week from purchase to shipping. 

If you would like to order ten but with a variety of sizes that is totally fine! Please just email me or use the chat feature on the website and I will send you a custom invoice with the different sizes.

Please reach out if you have any questions! xo Kaitlyn 

*No coupon codes accepted for custom orders. if one accidentally is used I will have to refund the entire order and send you a new invoice. :) 

Make potty training less messy and more simple. These trainers are fully lined with an Organic Bamboo Velour inner as well as a Heavy Organic Bamboo Fleece soaker right in the "wet zone" (think like a maxi pad sewn in between the layers). This combination of fabrics stops accidents in their tracks and contains the mess for you while still allowing your child to fully feel the effects of their accident. This is unlike pull ups which wick away wetness, making the potty training process take much longer. They will also be great after potty training is over since they are comfortable and come in cute designs! 


 *Please note: These trainers reach max absorbency between 5-10 wash/dry cycles. If you want them to be their max absorbency right out of the gate, feel free to "prep" them first! 



  • Fully lined
  • Hidden soaker in the "wet zone" area for triple layer protection where you need it most
  • Thick, comfy leg and waistband made out of stretchy knit
  • Heavy Organic Bamboo Fleece and Velour are anti-microbial and absorb a lot of liquid
  • Bamboo also becomes more absorbent over time so these are probably the only underwear that get better the more you wash them. 

Care Instructions: 

  • May shrink a tiny bit during the "prep" phase
  • Wash however you want with your regular kid laundry. 
  • Dry in the dryer 
  • If your child has a solid accident dispose of the solids in the toilet or trash prior to washing. 

New Sizing Tips: 

  • Small 18-24 months (up to 27 lbs) for the smallest/youngest of potty trainers! 
  • Medium 2T-3T (up to 38 lbs)
  • Large 3T-4T (up to 45 lbs) 
  • Use your best judgement: If your kid is taller/skinnier but weighs close to the weight limit for a size I would pick that size. If your kid is shorter/chubbier then I would probably size up if they are close to the weight limit of a size.
  • Please note!! You want these to be a little bit on the snug side. The best fit is being able to pull them up and down but still being relatively tight on their legs in order to better contain accidents!

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