Cheeky Potty Training Underwear!  (All of the Details you need to know)

Cheeky Potty Training Underwear! (All of the Details you need to know)

All of the nitty gritty that you always ask about! 




Organic Bamboo Velour 

Heavy Organic Bamboo Fleece 

Knit Stretch Fabric


Antimicrobial fabric inhibits the growth of bacteria. Hypoallergenic and temperature regulating fabric. Prevents diaper rash and irritation. This fabric also resists 


OEKO-Tex 100 Standard. Resists odors and has a high absorbency it is typically used for cloth diapers and can even be used for nighttime potty training (depending on how heavy of a “wetter” your child is at night). 


Three total layers of fabric. The outside is typically a cute print or solid or character in a stretchy knit for a comfortable fit. The inside is the Organic Bamboo Velour and is the fabric that is up against your child’s skin. So many moms email me and wish that I made adult underwear or pajamas out of this fabric. In between these two layers is a sewn in “maxi pad” of Heavy Organic Bamboo Fleece which adds another layer of absorbency. The waist and legends are made out of 4 way stretchy knit for a soft and perfect fit. Over the years I have perfected the fit of the leg and waistbands especially and made them wider for more comfortability while also having a tight fit so accidents are less likely to escape!



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How do Cheeky Potty Training Underwear help you potty train? 


Absorb the accident but your child can still feel the “wet” but catch more of the accident so it doesn’t end up all over your floor/furniture/etc. 


Pull-ups wick away the wet feeling when your child pees so they don’t really feel the “consequences” of having an accident. 


Pull-ups also feel so much like diapers that most kids don’t really feel a difference so psychologically they don’t feel like they are entering a new stage of potty training where they don’t go to the bathroom in their pants. 


Easily washable. The more they are washed and dried prior to the first accident the more they absorb. Maximum absorbency happens after 5-10 washes so try to get a couple in before your first try! Wash at any temperature you prefer. Because they are so absorbent they will take longer to dry so keep that in mind or dry at a higher temperature. For stains I usually use spray n wash or shout and wash on cold/warm at first. I don’t dry until the stain is out (this applies to all clothing, once you dry the stain you are “setting” it in).


If you are just beginning potty training I recommend 8-10 trainers. Your child will have frequent accidents at the beginning (think how many diapers you change in a day) and you will want enough on hand while you’re washing the soiled ones. This is all part of the learning process and lots of accidents are expected. After a few days/weeks the accidents become fewer and fewer as your child learns to listen to their body cues. 




Small: 18-24 month size (up to 2T) fits the smallest/youngest of potty training aged kids


Medium: 2-3T fits your average toddler who’s ready to potty train


Large: 3-4T fits larger/older potty training kids, this is also a great size if you’re planning on having a few on hand if you have a child that stays dry during the day but you’d like some for nighttime. 



The fit should be tight enough that there are no gaps between the thighs/bum and the leg bands, but not so tight they cannot pull them up and down themselves. :) 


Head over here to see all the styles that I have!

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